Why Survey Monkey Employee Surveys Give You A Biased Outcome

Having employees who feel highly engaged in the work they do has many benefits, not least the fact they can help to boost performance by 30%, according to research.

When employees feel engaged and enabled, they are more productive and likely to stay with the company longer than those who feel unmotivated and disengaged, the Hay Group researchers have found.

Moreover, they’re less likely to take days off work for stress or anxiety.  That’s why it’s worth investing in employee engagement surveys—you can discover how your employees feel about their jobs and your company. Once you have the results, you and your management team can work on enhancing the level of motivation and productivity in your company.

But, as Mike Turner, Managing Director of You Become, explains in this video, they’re unlikely to reveal their true feelings in an engagement survey managed internally by the HR team.

“Put yourself in the minds of employees,” he suggests. “They are going to be asking ‘Can I really say what I want to say? If I’m going to be negative about something, how do I know that I’m not going to be fired for that?’”

If they don’t feel confident enough to reveal their real feelings, the results of the survey won’t reveal the true extent of their motivation and potential productivity. That could be disastrous for your company.

That’s why Mike strongly recommends you use an independent third party to conduct the employee engagement survey. Participants will know the survey is being conducted by an independent party and will, therefore, feel able to express how they feel about their job and your company, in the knowledge that contributions will be anonymous.

A third party that specialises in conducting employee surveys will have the expertise to recognise ‘good’ and ‘bad’ results and interpret them for you then make recommendations for improvements.

“Employee engagement surveys aren’t just about getting results,” Mike says. “They’re about doing the right thing once you’ve done the survey.”  You won’t get that from using a free tool like Survey Monkey.

So, if you want to boost motivation and performance and retain employers for longer, hire a third party like You Become to conduct your employee engagement surveys.

If you need help or would like to discuss any issue that this video series raises, please call a member of our team on 01932 888489. You Become is a leading expert in employee engagement and organisational for ambitious UK companies.

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