Limbs & Things

The Company:

Limbs & Things is an industry leading manufacturer of medical training products for healthcare professionals and students worldwide based in Bristol.

Background to working with YouBecome:

Led by the company's directors and Sue Nelson, the Head of HR, the company realised they needed to understand how engaged their staff were and start to identify clearly the things that needed to change in order to improve productivity and motivation.

The Process:

Every year, Limbs and Things conducts an Employee Survey to measure how engaged their people are and what they must do to improve. They use YouBecome's Employer Performance Index © questionnaire that measures the 6 key pillars of culture and engagement. The YouBecome team manage the process from end to end, providing regular updates on response rates. Not all employees have email addresses and so they also use YouBecome's QR code technology in order to simply manage the survey process for these employees. Once the survey is completed, Mike and his team provide expert feedback to Sue and the Directors on the results and advice on how to improve things in the short and long term.

The Results:

Sue knew that the results in late 2013 would be difficult. Experiencing tough economic headwinds as well as important internal changes it was not a surprise to record an eNPS score of -16. However, in the following 4 years, Limbs & Things have worked hard to improve things for their employees and this has resulted in a very encouraging improvement in their eNPS score to +23 in 2017. This is a strong score for a manufacturing company and significantly better than industry averages. It also represents a 20% improvement over that period which shows that if a business measures their people's engagement accurately and is prepared to act in the right way then good things will happen.

Quote from Sue Nelson:

"We have recently completed our fifth annual employee survey with YouBecome and the process and support throughout has been excellent. YouBecome's insight and expertise has been invaluable to make sure we conduct a well run survey for our staff. We have been particularly delighted to have achieved a response rate of over 80% in the last 3 years, which is exceptional for a manufacturing business. More importantly, our eNPS score has improved consistently over our time of working with Mike and the YouBecome team. From a tough starting point of -16 we have moved to a very encouraging +23 last year. This shows excellent progress and is something the business can be proud of. We also find the ongoing support and advice that YouBecome provide us is invaluable and know we can ask for help and get an understanding response. I would recommend the YouBecome process to any company wanting to properly understand the current mood and intentions of their people and then act to improve their results."

Quote from Mike Turner:

"Sue and the Directors at Limbs & Things deserve great credit for what they have achieved over the period we have worked with them. From tough beginnings, the team have focused on changing a few important things every year for their people and the results speak for themselves. Manufacturing businesses can often find it hard to engage their people effectively but Limbs & Things are bucking that trend consistently now - great stuff!"