Leadership Alignment Survey


Our leadership alignment survey provides insight into your leadership team and whether you’re all pushing in the same direction.

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The Importance and Power of Leadership Alignment

In order for any organisation to properly strengthen and develop their culture and engagement, they must first look at the Leadership group within the business. Questions that are important to ask are:

  1. Are we aligned as a Leadership Team?
  2. Do we all believe in the vision for our organisation?
  3. Do we communicate effectively?
  4. Do we have a clear growth strategy we all buy-in to?
  5. Would we recommend this company to others?

So how does an organisation answer these questions quickly and simply and with as little time and fuss as possible?

The YouBecome Leadership Alignment Survey

  • A simple survey with 33 multi-choice questions – takes 10 minutes to complete.
  • Clear and simple on-line reporting to show variation of opinion and alignment
  • Provide clarity on how the leadership group can improve and come together more effectively
  • An experienced facilitator to explain the results and guide the team through solutions and actions needed

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