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The Five Questions to Ask Yourself

The Five Questions to Ask Yourself

Before we engage with a new client we recommend that they ask themselves 5 key questions. This will help them know whether there is a good fit and whether you have the appetite that you will need to improve your business and genuinely succeed. They are very simple questions. If you answer them all positively then YouBecome will be an excellent fit for you. If the answer is no to one or more of the questions, then it may be best to explore other avenues. The questions are:

1. Are we ambitious?

This is important because without a strong enough ‘why’ then the moment things get a little difficult you will be tempted to take the easy option and revert to ‘status quo.’ Are you ambitious to grow? Are you ambitious to do the very best for your people? Are you ambitious to improve? If the answer is ‘yes’ then that’s fantastic and you should move on to the next question. 

2. Do we want to be different? (In a good way)

Being a good employer is not easy. It requires a collective effort to embed good habits and demonstrate good behaviours, especially from the leadership group. These behaviours are different from the norm. Do you want your business to be different in a positive way? If the answer ‘yes’ then that’s great, we’ll help you get there. Move on to the next question.

3. Do we genuinely care about our employees?

This may sound a little weird but having worked with companies for 15 years, we don’t always see the behaviours that demonstrate this. Do you genuinely want the best for your employees? Do you want them to succeed within your organisation? Do you take the time to engage with them and show you have an interest? It is fine if the reality is that you genuinely care but haven’t always shown it, we can help with this. However, if you see your staff as a means to creating profit and it doesn’t really matter who they are, then YouBecome is not likely to be your best partner.

4. Do I want to know?

Know what? How your employees are really feeling about working in the business. How your employees view the leadership team. Would the employees recommend the company as a good place to work? Are you brave enough to find out the reality of how your people actually feel? Are you prepared to receive some critical feedback?

While you may not have any critical feedback, our experience is that the odds are you will have some. It can sometimes be painful. It is essential that you are open to this feedback and are prepared to act positively afterwards. If the answer is ‘yes’ to the fact that you want to know and respond constructively to the feedback, then that’s great, YouBecome would love to help you.

5. Do we need help?

The final question is whether you believe you need help. As we know, it is one thing to know you have a problem, it another thing to then go ahead and ask for help. Our experience tells us that there is rarely the specialist expertise in-house to address all the challenges that an effective survey will reveal. There needs to be a methodical approach and usually some very specific training and support to really change the picture and improve employee engagement and productivity. If you accept that you are likely to need some support and help then we would love to be that partner for you.

Should we chat?

If you have answered the above questions positively, then there is an excellent chance that Youbecome could be a really good fit to support you in your employee engagement project. Please click the button and we would be delighted to start a conversation. There will be no pressure or hard sell, just sensible conversation and advice.

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