What is Employee Engagement?

As Hamlet said, “That is the question.”

Employee Engagement is having the right working environment in order for your people to perform at their best every day. There are many factors that contribute to your staff’s productivity but some of the essential factors are:

  1. There are strong and articulated organisational values that employees trust and believe in.
  2. Employees understand their role in the organisation and what is expected of them every day as well as how they contribute to the organisation’s success.
  3. Understanding the goals and aspirations of the organisation and connecting to these aspirations and feeling able to contribute to them.
  4. Employee Engagement is about feeling trusted and empowered to do their jobs and feeling part of a team.
  5. Having trust in the leadership of the organisation and that these leaders have the best interests of the employees in mind when they make important decisions.
  6. When important decisions are made, these are discussed and communicated effectively and there is a dialogue throughout the process.
  7. There is a real focus on Personal and Professional Development and suitable support and investment is made to create this environment.
  8. There is a real focus on effective communication throughout the business. Whether it be in a simple one to one conversation between and manager and a team member through to large strategic announcements.
  9. There is a real understanding of what good behaviours and habits look like for all employees. This is particularly important for anyone in a leadership role.
  10. There is openness to innovation and improvement. No idea is a bad idea. Change and innovation is encouraged and rewarded.
  11. There is a healthy physical environment, where employees feel safe and part of a modern and evolving organisation.

While the above is not exhaustive, it is a helpful indication of some of the positive outcomes of employee engagement.

We passionately believe that if your employees and engaged and motivated your business will be more profitable and productive. If you believe the same, then get in touch and we will help you achieve the above.

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