The 'Get Started' Challenge

The 10 questions you need to answer

Before you commit to an Employee Engagement Project you will need to consider a number of different things.  We have created 10 questions for you to answer before you make the final commitment.

  1. Why do we want to improve our Employee Engagement?
    Start with the end in mind. Set out goals of the project. You need to have a clear ‘why’ before you embark on trying to improve your Employee Engagement
  2. What commitment do we have from the senior management group to improve?
    Do not go any further unless there is commitment from everybody in the senior management team. There is likely to be a need for change of approach and habits. Unless people are prepared to step up and make some important improvements and changes then do not start the process.
  3. Do we have budget set aside to follow through on any actions required?
    There may need to some investment in people and training once a survey has been done. Do not start a survey or engagement process unless you have some budget set aside to act on any requirement you discover.
  4. What aspects of Employee Engagement do we want to measure?
    There are many different aspects related to Employee Engagement. Do you know which aspects will be most relevant and important to your business?
  5. How do we plan to measure Employee Engagement?
    Do you have a survey provider in mind? How frequently will you be asking your people for feedback? How will you break the information down and how will you communicate it?
  6. Do we know what to do once we have measured our Employee Engagement?
    Do you have a communication strategy? Will you need to conduct focus groups? How will you then create an action plan with measurable outcomes? What actions will have a positive impact the next time we measure?
  7. Do we have the necessary expertise in-house to solve any potential challenges?
    Given the nuances of understanding the results of your survey and also what actions may or may not be needed to improve your businesses performance, what expertise can you call on in-house? You may well need to ask for external help to make the project successful.
  8. What is our plan if we need to change habits, behaviours or attitudes?
    What will be the key changes to behaviour you may need to adopt across the business? Do you have the right support in order to make these changes? What coaching and mentoring support can you call upon?
  9. What questions do we need to ask in the survey?
    Given the need to conduct a survey to measure the Employee Engagement initially, what questions should we ask? How will you phrase a question statement effectively? What areas should we ask about?
  10. Will it be important to benchmark ourselves against others?
    How important will it be to measure yourselves against other employers? Will you need to understand the local marketplace or similar companies to yourself?

Once you have answered the above questions you are in a good place to start the Employee Engagement project. If you are unsure of any of the above then please feel free to pick up the phone and request a free 15 minute expert chat. We can help you answer the questions above and support you to start the process. There’s no hard sell or pressure, just an honest conversation to help the process along. Feel free to complete a call back request or call through to our reception.

Either way, we’re here to help you improve your Employee’s Engagement.

Should we chat?

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