The 6 SIMPLE steps to Employee Engagement

We have created a simple acronym to summarise the key steps to improve Employee Engagement in your business. It is the framework we use to help you to improve the productivity and work experience of your employees. We have used the word SIMPLE to emphasise the point that it doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are the key steps:

S – Surveys 

You will need some reliable data before you kick off your Employee Engagement project. We have four different types to help you gather the necessary information. Ask us to explain which ones might be right for you.

I - Individual and Team feedback

After you have collected the data from your survey/s, you will likely need to get further understanding and clarity from both individuals and teams.

M - Market feedback

Not only will it be useful to get feedback from your employees, but it will also be important to get feedback from your customers too.

P - People Development and Engagement Framework (PDE)

In our experience of running Employee Engagement projects, it is very likely that you may need to consider reviewing the way you have conversations with your people. Most appraisal and review processes are not fit for purpose and this is a less formal but far more effective alternative.

L - Leadership Development and Coaching

There is a strong likelihood that there will need to be a change in management behaviour and habits. Depending on the results from the survey, this may need to be little or no change required all the way to significant change.

E - Education and Environment

It will be crucial to help every employee develop their capability and skillset if that’s what they want. Developing the right learning culture is crucial to support this. Finally it is important that the physical work environment is both safe and where possible engaging.

These are the six simple steps to make Employee Engagement simpler. If you are unsure of any of the above then please feel free to pick up the phone and request a free 15 minute expert chat. We can help you answer any question the above might have generated and support you to start the process. There’s no hard sell or pressure, just an honest conversation to help the process along. Feel free to complete a call back request or call through to our reception.

Either way, we’re here to help you improve your Employee’s Engagement.

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