Funded Support to help Employers and Employees recover and rebound from Covid-19

What is The Employee Action Initiative (EAI)?

Both businesses and employees need as much support as possible as the country tries to get back on its feet after the terrible impact of Covid-19 on both the national psychology as well as the economy.

Given these traumas and challenges of the last 4 months, particularly on Employees of UK SME’s, The Employee Action Initiative (EAI) is a collaborative project between Chambers of Commerce, The University of Surrey’s Business School, YouBecome and Local Enterprise Partnerships to provide funded support to help company owners measure the psychological and emotional impact of Covid-19 on their workforce and take the right actions to help their businesses moving forward.

Watch the testimonials below to understand the impact of the EAI process on pilot participants.

What does the EAI Entail?

Every successful applicant will receive a uniquely focused Covid-19 employee survey created by The University of Surrey’s Business School in collaboration with YouBecome, employee experience experts. This survey will be fully managed by YouBecome as an independent third party to the business to reassure employees that the process will be confidential and safe. The survey concentrates on the 4 most important areas to ask your employees right now:

  1. 1
    How have employees coped with the last 4 months?
  2. 2
    How have furloughed staff coped with the experience?
  3. 3
    Has the leadership team stepped up in the crisis?
  4. 4
    What does the future face of work look like given our current reality?

Once the survey is complete, one of YouBecome’s expert consultants will take the leadership team through the results in detail and help them start to plan forward in the best way. These consultants will also be able to share best practice from all the successful participants to help guide the most appropriate next steps. The goal of the process is to empower leadership teams with accurate and insightful data so that they can plan a strong recovery with their employees ‘listened to’ and engaged.

How does my company get involved?

Please register your interest by completing the simple form below. If you are a member of a Chamber of Commerce, please indicate which one you are a member of. You will then be asked to reserve a 30 minute time slot with Mike Turner, YouBecome’s Managing Director or one of his colleagues to make sure you are an appropriate candidate for the programme. If your business is accepted, you will be told how you can apply for the funding available in your region.

Is it a good thing to do now?

Watch the testimonials above from early participants to understand the benefits of getting involved in the Employee Action Initiative.

If you are interested, the next step is to register your interest and book your introduction call.