The YouBecome Feedback Platform ©

As you will see from the above infographic, The YouBecome Feedback Platform© is a comprehensive on-line software system that allows you generate feedback for every key part of your business. The system creates comprehensive and simple to use reports that provide our clients with essential insights to improve and grow.

The 3 Elements of Feedback:

1. Company Internal - Employee Based Feedback

The YouBecome Feedback Platform© will enable a business to seek several different types of feedback from their employees. For more information on the types of surveys the system can run, please see our surveys page.

2. Company External - Customer Based Feedback

Similar to Employee based feedback, The YouBecome Feedback Platform© will enable a business to seek feedback in different ways from their customers. Please click on the following link to see what types of Customer surveys you can run: Market Feedback

3. Individual, Colleague and Team Feedback

In order to support individual development, The YouBecome Feedback Platform© can also provide a company with the ability to provide feedback for each individual on their skills and capability in their job. We do this by providing both 180ᵒ and 360ᵒ competence-based feedback. This forms the basis of development conversations between a manager and their team members. 

Please ask for further information on The YouBecome Feedback Platform©