M - Market Feedback

When getting feedback to help make informed decisions about how to develop and grow the business, it is essential not to forget your customers. It is vital that you have an effective way of getting feedback from them in order to make sensible and well-reasoned decisions.

We help our customers in a number of different ways to collect customer feedback and then use this to help you make informed, strategic decisions.

  1. Customer Surveys – using YouBecome’s feedback platform, we will ask your customers some simple questions that will help to measure how happy they are with your product or service. We use the Net Promoter Score as part of this process to measure the satisfaction of your customers.
  2. Phone based interviews – In some cases we recommend that our consultants contact your customers by phone and interview them to get better understanding of how they feel about your service or product.
  3. Face to face interviews – If you have a number of high value customers then we may recommend that we interview them face to face. This enables us to provide you with a very detailed analysis of the state of your key customer relationships and provide recommendations on next steps.

Please feel free to ask for more information about our Market Feedback service.