L - Leadership Development

Rome was not built in a day and nor was a transformation of management behaviours, habits and disciplines. Alongside providing our PDE Framework we also provide a six-month training and coaching programme to help all the management team behave in a consistent and effective way. We combine a half day of coaching with one to one coaching for all participants so that they can be focused on improving their management capability.

YouBecome Leadership Development Programme ©

We deliver 6 half day workshops in the morning with the management team and then coach each leader individually in the afternoon. We then work with each leader to deliver a personal development path to improve their leadership and management capabilities. We cover the following areas over six months:

  • Management Training Session 1  - What are the right leadership values and behaviours?
  • Management Training Session 2  - Top Right Principles – Habits and a strong leadership culture
  • Management Training Session 3  - Developing a Coaching mentality
  • Management Training Session 4  - The power of an effective One to One conversation
  • Management Training Session 5  - Competence based personal development
  • Management Training Session 6  - Progress Review

Once we have delivered the above six-month development programme, we would sit down with the business and look at what else might need to be delivered to support the business with the consistency and effectiveness of their management behaviours.

Please ask for more details about our Leadership Development programmes.