E - Education Culture

The fourth pillar of a strong organisational culture  is a passion within the business for personal and professional development (see our video explaining this). As part of the YouBecome service, we can help you develop and strong educational culture for the business that helps encourage the development of every employee of the business.

For us, there needs to be 3 things in place for all employees to be able to perform at their best:

  1. A clear ‘Statement of Expectations’ which outline all the things that are expected of each role in the business
  2. An easy to understand ‘Skills and Competence’ profile that explains what ‘excellent’ looks like for each role in the business.
  3. Ideally, a simple set of measures or metrics that help each individual know how they will be measured and what good looks like in terms of output and performance.

Once these points have been created, there then must be a learning and development framework developed to underpin how people will be trained and improved over time.
Please ask for more details about our Education Culture programmes.