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Engaged Staff = Engaged Customers = Successful & Growing Business

Executive Training

YouBecome provides tailored training and development either directly or through our network of partners. We focus on all the factors that help build your business culture and reach your business growth targets.


Customer Experience index

“Customer retention ROI is 10 times higher than new business acquisition, so it is essential to measure accurately customer engagement and loyalty then focus on improvement areas”

Executive Consulting

Our experienced commercial consultants help define plans to embed cultural success and implement change to develop a healthy company culture that supports business growth


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Workplace and Employee Surveys

The clearest and most insightful surveys to understand employee motivation and productivity throughout the year 

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Customer Experience Surveys

Essential insights into customer engagement and behaviour to help reduce churn. Delivered immediately right to your desktop throughout the year 

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360 Degree Competence Assessments

Clear insights into the effectiveness of individuals and teams 

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Leadership Culture Assessments

Unique insights into how aligned a senior leadership team is with the culture of the business. Essential to underpin growth and positive change 

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Personal Development and Training Needs Analysis

Insightful aggregated reports on the training and development needs of the business 



Winning Culture = Motivated Employees + Satisfied Customers
Leading to outstanding business performance


The most important test you’ll take this year

How optimistic should you be about the next 12 months in your business?
Why the strength of your company or team culture will impact the degree of your success.


Leaders in Organisational Culture, Employee Engagement and Customer Relationship Management for ambitious UK companies and their consulting firms

The secret is in the name. youbecome. Growth and improvement is a process. It is who you are becoming as an individual or company that is important, not so much where you are today. Our job is to help our customers find the right formula and balance in order for them to create outstanding and profitable companies. Over the past 11 years, we have developed some groundbreaking tools to help facilitate this process and help identify the few things that make the biggest difference. If you’ve not already done so, start the process by taking our free culture test to see what we’re all about.

Founded in 2004 by Mike Turner, a former senior executive with a passion for individual development and business transformation, youbecome is fast becoming a provider of choice in the fields of Organisational Culture, Employee Engagement and Customer Relationship Management. We have a team consultants that operate across the UK. All of our consultants are highly experienced with substantial know how and expertise in their fields.

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90 second culture test

Welcome to youbecome's 90 second culture test.
Please answer the following 12 questions as honestly as possible. Try and use the full rating scale when appropriate. Here are the descriptions for the rating scale we use:

  1. 1. A strong NO - This is a problem. This will hold the business back unless improved quickly.
  2. 2. NO - This is not currently the case and would like to improve in this area
  3. 3. A mild NO - This is not a strength. Plenty of room for improvement
  4. 4. A mild YES - This is neutral, but there is definite room for improvement
  5. 5. A YES - This is a solid strength. Could be improved
  6. 6. A strong YES - This a core strength. Very little opportunity to improve this. As good as we can be.


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